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San Diego Pet Hospital serves the small animal medical needs of greater San Diego. Centrally located in Lemon Grove, San Diego Pet Hospital is the longest continuously operating animal clinic in all of San Diego, established in 1942. Our animal hospital is recognized for our high-quality veterinary medicine, state-of-the-art equipment, outstanding customer service, and competitive pricing. Call us today at 619-462-6600, or come by 7368 Broadway in Lemon Grove, just east of Massachusetts Avenue. Allow our veterinarians & vet staff to demonstrate how we provide veterinary care from the heart. You will be glad you did!

  • Veterinary Pet Surgery and Surgical Care

    At our veterinary clinic, surgeries are a team effort. Here Dr. Lisa Labrecque performs a splenectomy on a dog with a splenic tumor while the anesthesiologist and surgical assistant stand by ready to lend a hand. Read More
  • Veterinary X-Ray Diagnostics

    Our digital radiology system allows us to capture high-quality digital images that can be shared electronically with specialists in our referral network in real time. Read More
  • Veterinary Wellness & Preventive Pet Care Packages

    Disease prevention at all life stages is an integral part of good health. Our wellness programs have been designed with this in mind. Read More
  • Kitty & Puppy Wellness Packages & Discounts

    Preventative care during your kitty’s and puppy’s first year of life is critical for ensuring a lifetime of good health. We offer discounts for our new little clients with the first exam free for adopted pets. Read More
  • Veterinary Dermatology and Pet Skin Care

    Allergies and skin disease are one of the most common complaints by pet owners.At San Diego Pet Hospital, we have developed a Dermatology Package to help get to the bottom of the cause of your pet’s itchy skin. Our goal is no more itchy skin and we accomplish this by offering a complete skin work-up at a discounted price. Read More
  • Compassionate End of Life Care

    Our Star Memorial Eternity Garden is a peaceful and quiet space enclosed by a gazebo where owners can spend private time with their pets and where euthanasia can be performed. Read More
  • Veterinary Treatment & Care for 2nd chance Pets

    Every so often an animal that deserves a second chance comes to our attention. We provide treatment and care at no cost and place these special abandoned animals in loving homes. Read More

Established in 1942

San Diego Pet Hospital has been proudly serving our community since the forties. We strive to achieve veterinary excellence through our core values: Knowledge & Training: Compassion & Empathy: Teamwork & Selflessness: Giving Back.