Our Mission

We are committed to exceeding the expectations of each and every client by providing unparalleled customer service and high quality, compassionate veterinary care. Our team’s ultimate goal is healthy pets and happy pet owners.

However, we do understand the sobering realities of our profession and are sensitive to the unique and varied needs of our community. Therefore, a critical part of our job is to forge strong client partnerships based on trust. In order to accomplish our mission, we are committed to the following four tenets.

[1] Knowledge & Training

All employees of SDPH must value and pursue knowledge. We require that:

  • Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians are current academically and clinically competent.
  • All technicians and caregivers are well-trained, gentle, and compassionate to both clients and patients.
  • The medical team works together utilizing each individual’s strengths and skill set to determine a treatment plan that will lead to the best possible medical outcome.

[2] Compassion & Empathy

We are in this profession because of our love for animals. It is essential that:

  • Team members understand the stress and emotional strain that many clients and patients experience when seen at the hospital.
  • We present all information to our clients calmly and rationally, and listen attentively to their concerns and questions.
  • We nurture client relationships with ongoing communication and follow-up regarding the health of their pet(s).

[3] Teamwork & Selflessness

The workplace can be a stressful place. It is important that we:

  • Treat our coworkers with respect — even when in disagreement.
  • Are flexible. Remember that when you help others, they are more inclined to help you.
  • Realize that no task is too small or unimportant. We all need to do the little things to keep the hospital a sanitary and well-run institution.

[4] Giving Back

We are committed to improving the quality of life for all animals in our community through:

  • Discounted or donated services to help animals in need.
  • Providing quality care for relinquished pets.
  • Participation in Feral Cat Coalition programs and events, in which we volunteer our products and services to spay and neuter stray felines, and open our doors to host an annual spay/neuter day for San Diego’s feral felines.