Our Commitment to Giving Back Through Community Service

San Diego Pet Hospital participates in non-profit and community programs to help improve the quality of life of animals in the greater San Diego area.

Feral Cat Coalition

This non-profit organization holds weekend spay clinics at various veterinary clinics around the San Diego area. Feral cats are trapped, spayed and neutered, vaccinated, treated for parasites, and released back to the same place they were captured from. San Diego Pet Hospital proudly supports the Feral Cat Coalition’s work in reducing cat overpopulation by hosting a weekend clinic annually and providing free spay/neuter services to feral cats weekly in our clinic. Volunteers are always welcome. Call us for details.

A Feral Cat’s Story – Meet Joe Gray

Joe Gray came in through the Feral Cat Coalition to be neutered through our weekly community service program. But when we opened the trap, we found a very sick kitty cat. His tail had been broken and was infected, and he had a 106 degree fever. The FCC gave us permission to treat him, so he was put on antiobiotics, his tail was amputated, and he was virus-tested and vaccinated. And he turned out not to be feral at all, but a loving and affectionate cat, looking for a good home. He was adopted by a client of ours, who reports that he loves snuggling with her in bed and climbing on her in the middle of the night!

Joe Gray

Joe Gray

Mentoring Program

San Diego Pet Hospital takes part in a mentoring program for local high school students who may be interested in a career in veterinary medicine. High school juniors who are accepted into the program spend 4-6 weeks at our clinic observing, helping out, and learning about the profession, and during their time here they complete a project of their own design. At the end of their internship they present the project to school administrators, teachers, and other students here at the clinic where they can show off their new friends and mentors. Some of the students have stayed in touch with us after going off to college, and one student worked here part time while taking college classes.

One of our interns from High Tech High after presenting her final project!

Rescue Work

Every so often an animal comes into San Diego Pet Hospital that deserves a second chance. These animals have either been abandoned, or with the owner’s approval, they are reliquished to us, they are treated, loved, surgery may be performed, and then they are adopted into new homes.

This is among the most rewarding work that we do. Employees often donate their time to these cases, and all treatments are done at no cost. Hundreds of man-hours and thousands of dollars worth of care and medications are are put into these animals to ensure that they regain their health and are placed with loving homes.

We invite you to read some of our dog rescue stories on our Adoptions page and we’re happy to report they all have very happy endings.

And every year, without fail, we also find ourselves inundated with homeless kittens. Whether rescued out of dumpsters, found in bushes, unexpected litters, rejected by the dams, found under porches, left on our doorstep without any note, others literally thrown in our door and the people drive away before we can get any information – each kitten is unique and special in their own way.  After bottle feeding, potty training, deworming, vaccinating, spaying/neutering and socializing these little devils we find them loving homes.

Please see our Adoptions page for some kitties that are currently looking for new homes.