Discounted Dermatology Package

San Diego Pet Hospital - Discounted Dermatology Package

Our Dermatology Package

Skin conditions, itching, and allergic skin disease are among the most common presenting complaints by San Diego pet lovers. This is in part due to the year-round temperate climate in Southern California, the prevalence of fleas and other parasites as well as dietary factors.

No More Itchy Skin – Enough is Enough!

At San Diego Pet Hospital, we have developed a Dermatology Package to help get to the bottom of the cause of your pet’s itchy skin. Our goal is no more itchy skin and we accomplish this by offering a complete skin work-up at a discounted price.

The proper diagnostic tests are expensive and for some of our pet lovers, cost prohibitive, when charged for individually. We offer this special discount to our clients because most do not have insurance for their pets and must pay out of pocket for all veterinary costs. By purchasing these tests together as the “Derm Pack,” no important test will be skipped as a cost-saving measure and an accurate diagnosis can be made the FIRST time your pet is seen for skin problems.

What’s Included in your Pet’s Dermatology Package?

  • Skin scraping to diagnose and identify skin mites such as Demodex and Sarcoptes
  • Skin cytology to evaluate the presence of infectious organisms such as yeast and bacteria
  • Woods Lamp Examination to diagnose certain types of fungal infections
  • Fungal screening test to diagnose dermatophytosis (i.e., ring worm)
  • Ear cytology to characterize the type and severity of any infection within the ear canals
  • Ear mite exam to diagnose and identify presence of mites
  • Nail bed scraping and cytology to diagnose and characterize pododermatitis (i.e., infection of nail beds and toes)

Once the samples are collected they are evaluated microscopically. This generally takes about 15 to 20 minutes and will be done while you wait. Treatment is then dependent upon the type of infection(s) present and/or organism(s) found.

For allergic skin disease, existing infections are be treated first and then a systematic plan outlined to determine what allergies your pet has and how best to treat them long-term. Follow-up visits are scheduled as necessary to ensure that all infections are treated successfully.

Yes, we meant it – no more itchy skin!