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Our Top Safety Tips This “Howl-O-Ween”, Chocolate Toxicity In Dogs


Beware of Chocolate

Did you know that BOTH cats and dogs are both at risk of chocolate poisoning? Its true cats can also be affected, although it is rare since cats are such finicky eaters. We usually think of dogs when it comes to chocolate toxicity. Why? Well, we all know that dogs will eat just about anything, so there are many more reported cases of chocolate toxicity in dogs than in cats.

Small Dogs Are at Greater Risk

Due to their small size, it only takes a small amount of chocolate to affect them. So be especially careful with your small dogs. A 20-pound dog needs to only eat 3 ounces of chocolate to have a toxic reaction. That’s only a fraction of a candy bar! That’s right just three ounces of milk chocolate can cause vomiting and diarrhea in a 20-pound dog.

Large dogs are at risk too!

Large dogs tend to eat much bigger bites, and much more food to satisfy their appetites. A hungry 80-pound dog can swallow 11 or 12 ounces of chocolate in a few big gulps. Quicker than you can call out “No, don’t eat that!”, it’s already done. That 11 ounces of chocolate can cause a rapid toxic reaction.

What makes chocolate toxic?

The very things that we humans love about chocolate are the things that make chocolate toxic to our pets. Its the CAFFEINE, and THEOBROMINE, both are stimulants. We, humans, are only mildly affected, but our pets suffer a rapid toxic response to these stimulants.

What are the symptoms of chocolate toxicity?

If your pet has eaten a toxic amount of chocolate, you will be able to observe your pet suffering symptoms of a very rapid heart rate and nausea. They will likely be vomiting, and perhaps also have diarrhea. You may also notice your pet exhibiting signs of restlessness.

Act quickly!

If you are concerned that your pet may have eaten chocolate and be suffering chocolate toxicity, Call us immediately or come into San Diego Pet Hospital immediately. It is important that you bring your pet into us quickly. Do not wait, time is of the essence. We will begin treatment as soon as you arrive.

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