Common Myths About Spay & Neuter

There are many myths regarding the effects of spaying or neutering our dogs and cats, here are but a few.

Contrary to what you may have heard, spaying or neutering your pet DOES NOT:

  • Cause laziness or hyperactivity in cats and dogs.
  • Reduce a dogs instinct to protect its family or home.
  • Cause immature behaviors in both dogs and cats.
  • Postpone or delay normal dog and cat behavioral maturity.
  • Alter a pet’s personality in any manner.
  • Cause a dog to resent you over the loss of his testicles. They do not have any emotional attachment to them – but some owners do.

If you have any questions about spaying and neutering your pets, please contact us. Dr. Lisa Labrecque and the staff at San Diego Pet Hospital can answer all your questions about spaying and neutering your pet or any other procedure your pet may undergo at our Animal Hospital.

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