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“Our 16-year-old Aussie, Roo, was on his last legs. He was a healthy, active companion until his last six months. After much effort by all to keep him going, it was obvious his life on this plane was reaching its end. I selfishly put off the inevitable until one morning Roo looked up at me as if to say, “I’m so tired.” Not able to choke back the tears I called San Diego Animal Hospital, and all I could blubber out was, “It’s time.” I was informed that our vet, Dr. Lisa Labrecque, was off that day and at a family gathering, but they would page her phone. I hung up the phone cursing myself that I had waited so long to release my best friend of his suffering.

My phone rang less than five minutes later. It was Lisa asking for my address. She arrived at my home within the hour. I placed Roo on his favorite blanket and as I hugged him Lisa gently gave the first injection. The pain immediately disappeared from his eyes. Lisa gave me a minute or two to say my final goodbye then gave the final dose, sending my faithful pal to wait for me in heaven.

Seeing that I was in no condition to drive, she offered to take Roo’s now empty shell to the pet mortuary for cremation, which was some ways away. I accepted. Lisa then snipped a long tress of hair from Roo’s beautiful hind feathers, braided it, and presented it to me before leaving. Lisa refused a fee for a great act of kindness to me and most importantly, my beloved Roo. Every time I look at Roo’s ashes in the simple wooden box decorated with a beautiful braid I think of Lisa and her pure, selfless devotion to being there for our treasured friends.” 

~ Bob G.

“Thank you for your continued professionalism and care of my family member. (From the return call to my departure) I was very impressed with Dr. Jones today, I am still searching for the adjective to describe her amazing knowledge and bedside manner.” 

~ Natalie N. (Phoenix’s mom)

“Today was my last visit with you and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the compassionate care you provided me during my life. Most of all, I want to thank you for the tender way you took care of my parents today. They love me so much and I know it was hard for them to let me go — even though I was ready. I could sense how it comforted them to have you all there to help them say “goodbye.” You’ll be happy to know I’m up in Heaven now and I’m running around like I did when I was young and healthy — and there’s no pain!
Love you all”

~ Shamal

“The front desk staff is very professional and they have excellent PR. ALL staff members are very courteous and knowledgeable. I recommend your facility to others that need care for their pets. Highly recommended!” 

~ Liz R.

“Don’t waste you time shopping for a new vet, this is the place. Our family recently relocated to San Diego and we were referred to San Diego Pet Hospital by a pet store owner. It was apparent from the moment we entered the clinic, the warm staff and Dr. Lisa truly love their clientele and their work. Quality care, compassionate service and reasonable pricing are all equally important when it comes to our pets, SDPH understands this. It is a refreshing change to find a business with such old fashioned values, where there are no “hidden costs” or “misunderstandings” when you pick up your pet. We happily recommend San Diego Pet Hospital.” 

~ Bob L.

“I love this place. Dr. Lisa is the most fun, caring and knowledgeable veterinarian that we have taken our dogs to. She is not only great with the animals you bring in, but she is also great at taking time to explain everything to the owners too. This place is a one stop shop. We take our dogs there for veterinarian needs, grooming and kenneling. The staff is so good with the animals and friendly, we take our dogs here for all their needs.”

~ Mickie W.

“Dr. Lisa is fabulous!! She is not only skilled with the animals, she’s also great with the owners too. She takes time to explain things thoroughly. She also doesn’t rip you off on over priced procedures, unnecessary tests or try to upsell you on product. Her pricing is very reasonable and they will always give you a written estimate. She’s very good at diagnosing problems and teaching owners how to care for their pet. The staff is great too. Very friendly & knowledgable. The office is nice & sunny & cheerful. All in all a great experience and now take all my animals to Dr. Lisa.”

~ Ella G.

“I’ve been a cutomer of the San Diego Pet Hospital for over 20 years after Michael Clark, DVM inherited the practice from his father. Michael Clark was one of the best veterinarians I had ever taken my pets to and I stuck with him all those years. After he passed away Dr. Lisa purchased his practice from his estate. I like her as much as I liked and respected Michael Clark. In fact, I like her even more.” 

~ Fred

“I am sending a heartfelt thanks for the care and concern expressed by you, your colleagues, and your staff towards Solomon and myself. This very apparent sincerity shown by all has touched my soul.”

~ Michael D.

“Thank you so much for taking great care of Marmalade during her emergency. We are so appreciative to everyone at the hospital for their kindness and caring and we are very grateful to Dr. Harris for maneuvering her day to care for Marmalade! Everyone is so wonderful and took excellent care of Marmalade. This is a fantastic hospital and we were so touched to see how much everyone cares! Thank you! Marmalade has recovered very well and she is back to her favorite activity of watching birds with her siblings!” 

~ Jonathan, Kerri & Marmalade

“The practice is able to personalize treatments instead of it being a large place where you are never guaranteed the same vet and they never recognize you. Everyone is very friendly and I’m happy that you all listen to our concerns and needs. Also, the waiting room is neat, clean, inviting, and smells great! ”

~ Matt & Kara I.

“Dr. Labrecque, you are the kindest and most caring veterinarian I have ever been to. You and your staff made a terrible situation for Buddy and I as comfortable as possible. I have told many friends and family about you. Thank you for being there with Buddy and I. May God Bless you all.” 

~ Louise Broux

“Thank you all of you so much for everything you have done for us and Zach. We searched for years for a vet that we loved and trusted. I know how you know how much we loved our Zach, and everyone know their dog is special, but Zach seemed to have this special personality that really brought out the love in everyone he met. We feel that you all felt that too, and we are happy that his life in some way touched yours. We appreciate more than words can say the kindness and the caring with which you treated us all through these last months of Zach’s beautiful life, and the time you always took to respectfully listen to us, kindly explain things to us, and generously support us in this journey. You are a special bunch.” 

~ Kim & Frank P.

“We knew we found special people who truly cared about their animals when we found you. We just didn’t realize how important it would be until we had to make the hardest decision about our sweet Sacha. We could see she touched your lives as she did so many others. I’m not sure we could have made the right decision without your understanding and support. Thank you for that. hey say grief is the price we pay for love, but Sacha was worth any day of our on-going grief and thank you all for making it a little more bearable.”

~ Larry & JoAnne R.

“We were so fortunate to have found you and to have trusted Pedro to your care. We cannot thank you enough for all your love and care for him. We will always remember the skill and kindness you brought to his care and most of all the interest you showed in him. It was such a comfort that it was his friends at the San Diego Pet Hospital who attended him at the last. You made us feel like part of the family. We will be forever grateful. Pedro was special and so are you all. Our sincerest heartfelt thanks”

~ Graham & Bonnie M.

“I wanted to say thank you again for the amazing treatment you gave our dog Shadow. He has recovered and in my opinion he received better healthcare from you than a lot of people receive.”

~ Jennie Jordan

“Thank you for always making us feel that our dog, Louie, was the most precious dog in the world. What sets you apart from other clinics is that you make everyone feel that their pet and their problem is important. You take the time to listen with compassion. We appreciate all that you have done.”

~ Alice & Jerry Vaughn

“Thank you for all you do. You made the passing of a family member as painless as possible. It really meant the world to my siblings and myself that Jaja received the funeral she deserved. Jaja gave us almost 7 years of love, happiness, and joy. She was one of a kind and such a loving and good dog. She was more than a pet to us. She was part of our family. I wish all veterinarians were like you. Jaja truly enriched and made a difference in our lives and you allowed her to leave this earth with peace and respect. Jaja’s death was not in vain. My siblings and I will ensure that all of our pets are cared for and spayed or neutered. Thank you so much. Words cannot express my immense gratitude for your understanding and compassion. Thank you for helping Jaja! I know she would want to thank you as well. Much appreciation & gratitude”

~ Tina & Tom

“Thank you for all the great care & kindness throughout the year you all have given me & my furry family.”

~ Sharon, Molly, Linus, Vito & Bella

“Thank you Dr. Harris for your love & support during our last few weeks with “Yaki”.”

~ The Halls

“I always look forward to a visit to the Pet Hospital because the staff is kind and friendly. They always know my animals by name and treat them very compassionately. All the staff members do their very best to help both me and my animals. This is a great asset in our community and I am very thankful.”

~ Kate J.

“Thank you for taking care of me. I am back to my old, devilish self!”

~ Apache Ramos

“My family and I thank you so much for your kindness & thoughtfulness.”

~ Lenora Howard

“There have been so many acts of kindness from all of you. Thank you!”

~ Roxane

“Your kindness overwhelms me. I’m so glad that spirit directed me to you. She must have known how much I would need your skills and your loving hearts. On behalf of myself and all my critters, both living and passed on, I thank you very sincerely. You all have been such a special blessing to us.”

~ Kate & the feline crew

“Thank you all so very much for your donation in Harrison’s memory to the Companion Animal Memorial Fund at UC Davis. You met Harrison at the end of his life when he was in pain & yet he was such a sweet old guy who even at the end enjoyed life and sniffing his way through it. As a young boy he sniffed and ran through life as only a bassett does. Always a kind & gentle soul. Thanks for taking such good care of him.”

~ Shirley & Bob Mueller

“Thank you for always taking such good care of me.”

~ Tiger Lou

“Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. You are one of a kind. Forty is in my thoughts everyday.” 

~ Lillie

“I received your thoughtful card sharing your understanding over my loss of “Sir”. My son buried him in the backyard and placed a gravestone. I feel better having him buried here. Again, thanks.” 

~ Leonora

“Thank you so much for everything you all have done for Nina and giving her a chance at life. And thank you for bringing Coal into our lives. We love him so much and he is very happy.” 

~ Patrick, Lucia, Aiden & Carmen

“Words can’t express how grateful I am for every kindness you have given to me and the critters. I feel humbled and grateful for your constant friendship. Thank you on behalf of all of us.” 

~ Kate

“Words cannot express how our family feels over the sensitive, tender, loving treatment we received from all of you when it was time to say good-bye to our beloved 17 year old cat, Stuart. We will always cherish the time we spent with him in the very peaceful Star Memorial Garden. You truly eased a very difficult time. Although Stuart was never one of your more cooperative patients, we know he appreciated your kindness and compassion that day.” 

~ The McKenney Family

“I just wanted to thank you all again for the amazing loving care that you give Willa and to us, and I will be sure to keep you posted on her antics as she grows into the Big Yellow Monster (affectionately) that we all know she will become. A big Willa kiss”

~ Allison Lopez

“Thank you so much for the card you sent in memory of Steve. The picture on the front looked so close to how Steve looked. I was very touched by your thoughtfulness and your care for Steve. Your thoughts about Steve really touched my heart. I will cherish your card forever. Thank you again for all you did for Steve. God bless you all.” 

~ Sharon Richardson

“Thank you all for your kindness and respect the day we came in with Sammy to say goodbye. ou all made a very difficult day as peaceful and loving as possible. Love,” 

~ Shona

“Thank you for your care for our Kaydee.”

~ Evie Schwartz” 

“Thank you so much for your wonderful treatment of Cammy today. We really appreciate the kindness and patience you extended to us while we were in our state of shock and then grief. We loved our Cammy very much and we know that your amazing office loves pets, too! We look forward to many more happy visits with our Lola dog. With sincere thanks and love” 

~ The Leavitt family

“We are all so lucky to have you in our life!” 

~ Sheila

“You all are so wonderfully thoughtful and made Mr. Boo’s transition easier on me. I am grateful to you. I still miss my little guy. People keep encouraging me to rescue a new dog, maybe. You’ll be the first to know when I do. Thank you” 

~ David

“God bless you for your kindness. We shall remember the love you showed to our Little Merry forever. Thank you again. With Love” 

~ The Thurmans

“Thank you to all of you for your TLC for “Kammy”. With great appreciation”

~ Bret & Ruthie Felix

“Thanks for going the extra mile! We appreciate you!” 

~ Andrea, Jazmin & Winston

“Thanks for being so nice, thoughtful and giving. You’re doggone great. Thanks for taking good care of Tiki.” 

~ Maria Lane & Tiki

“Thank you for your kindness to “Our Merry” last Tuesday. I’ve enjoyed knowing you through the years. I’m sure you know Merry was one of the loves in my life. Take care and keep well.” 

~ Ester Thurman

“You were so kind and helpful when I called that I have to thank you. Your kindness, responsiveness and genuiness will be long remembered.” 

~ S. Pensel

“The family of Pye-Pye would like to thank you all for the wonderful care provided. Thank you for everything.” 

~ The Foster Family

“To ALL at the hospital – I want to thank you for such good care of all my animals when I bring them in. You all are great, loving and caring. It eases me when I leave my pets with you as I know they will be very much loved and taken care of.” 

~ Sheila “Z”

“Just to say thank you for all you did for Dusty the night we brought her in. Thanks again!” 

~ Sharon & Ed

“Thank you so much for your delicate treatment and guidance on Moony’s passing.” 

~ Macoe & Marc

“We would like to thank Dr. Labrecque and the rest of the wonderful staff at San Diego Pet Hospital for the care and compassion everyone has provided; as well as the exceptional service we have received.”

~ Dustin Wong, Mama Dog & Lucky

“I just wanted to thank you for helping my Mom and Dad take care of me when they rescued me from The Hillside. I know they really appreciated it also. You’ll be amazed at how much I’ve grown. I think they are keeping me ’cause I’m turning out to be a pretty nice guy. With love” 

~ “Scooter” Burns

“You really helped me with the passing of Buddy. Thanks for being so caring at such a tough time. I’m sure other clients appreciate it too.” 

~ Donna Tennies

“You’re the very BEST vet ever!! Thank you!” 

~ Stacey, Aaron, Fester & Cleo

“The Feral Cat Coalition is extremely grateful for your support. We really appreciate you allowing us to have our monthly clinic at your hospital so that we could spay and neuter 110 feral & stray cats.” 

~ The Feral Cat Coalition Board of Directors

“Just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU for taking such wonderful care of my cat, Niko. I slept well at night knowing he was in your caring hands. You are all so compassionate and it meant the world to me. Thank you!!” 

~ Kree Brown

“Thank you for the wonderful, kind and compassionate care that you provide. We are forever grateful.” 

~ The LaCroix Family

“Thank you so much for your services, love and kindness. May you and your staff be blessed in abundance and overflowing in the name of Jesus. Love you guys.” 

~ Juan, Clara & Bibi

“We would like to express our many, many thanks for helping us with our dog Arizona. She is such a happier girl now, I can tell she feels so much better. She’s playing with the other dogs and playing ball and she has tearing apart her stuffed animals again. We will see you soon.” 

~ Sheila & Mike

“We hope this thank you will help to show how much we appreciate your thoughtfulness.” 

~ The Harris Family

“We appreciate your warm hearts. Thanks so much.” 

~ Kuma & Lucy

“Thank you so much for your care of my dog, Bernie. He is well and happy due to your knowledge and diligence.” 

~ Stacy Buckles & Bernie

“Thank you for the complete check-up for Ted. I feel like he was given the very best of care. Keep up the good work. Wishing you every success in your practice.” 

~ Dan, Laurie & Ted King

“We want to thank you for the excellent care and the time that you took to treat Louie. We also appreciate your phone calls to check on his progress. We are grateful that we will have him for a little while longer.” 

~ Jerry & Alice

“I just wanted to tell you my appreciation for all you do not only for myself and Shane, but for everyone. Many, many thanks.” 

~ Sheila Zufelt

Thank you all so very much for showing such kindness and compassion to Sari, myself and all involved during our time of need. You have always taken such good care of Sari.”

~ Nicole Huyser

“Dr. Labrecque and your wonderful staff, thanks for saving my baby Dalbie. We love you all.” 

~ Dalbie & Patricia

“Thank you so much for the nice picture of Shiloh. He was a determined boy till the end. I appreciate the entire staff’s help.” 

~ Don Cords