When It’s Time To Say Good-Bye

Visit our Eternity Garden When It’s Time to Say Good-Bye

Star was 9-years old when she was abandoned by her owners at San Diego Pet Hospital. After being nursed back to health by the staff, she became the official clinic dog and mascot and spent the next couple of years living at SDPH while we looked for a permanent home.

In January 2008, she was adopted by a client who had recently lost his dog. Sadly, Star developed lymphoma shortly thereafter and passed away peacefully in the front yard of her new home on March 4, 2008. In her memory, the Star Memorial Eternity Garden was created.

Star’s outdoor garden is sheltered by a gazebo and contains a fountain, garden swing and meditation area where owners can spend time with their animals, say good-bye and accompany their pets while euthanasia is performed in this peaceful and private setting.

Our staff held a memorial service to celebrate Star’s life and inaugurate her eternity garden. Star’s ashes were buried under a small tree and Star’s owner installed a beautiful hand-made engraved plaque in her honor. He has since built an iron fence to enclose the garden and adorned the entry gate with a hand-made silver star. We are forever thankful for his generosity, his loving spirit and for all he did to make Star’s last months such happy ones.